Our Future

Violence against women is not inevitable

Abuse and violence towards women is a preventable issue. It does not have to be something we should just accept will happen.

VAWDASV is a pervasive, deeply entrenched issue in our culture. Many of our systems and societal structures are set up around the oppression of women, and a devaluation of women’s work. We believe this can change. Violence against women and girls cannot be prevented unless the societal attitudes that normalise violence are changed. The Welsh Government’s legislation committed to domestic abuse and violence towards women is a welcome development, but we need to do more to change the culture.


Key Aims

Cardiff Women’s Aid has a clear vision for the future, and a plan for the next five years that will enable us to use our experience and expertise to improve the lives of women, children and young people. We are also committed to improving long-term outcomes through our aftercare and recovery services. Our key aims centre around Provision, Prevention and Recovery.

1. Provision

To provide a range of high quality, accessible services for those affected by Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence, delivering early interventions aimed at preventing further violence and abuse.

2. Prevention

To expand our approach to Prevention of Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence through education and social change.

3. Recovery

To increase our therapeutic and recovery options; helping survivors rebuild their lives; and ensure access to ongoing support post crisis including robust peer networks.

Creating Change That Lasts


The Cardiff model provides a single gateway, giving 24/7 access to fully integrated services of support to the survivor, from crisis to stability onto aftercare and recovery. The whole range of Cardiff Women’s Aid services creates a lasting framework that helps and heals. We work with Welsh Women's Aid, our membership body, to create a Change That Lasts throughout our society, incorporating support, education and community activism. Change That Lasts is a model developed in partnership between Women’s Aid Federation of England and Welsh Women’s Aid.

Creating Change that Lasts requires a whole society approach to preventing violence against women and girls. Our aim is to shift from a sole focus on risk and start with the strengths and needs of women and children, to facilitate the shortest or most effective route to meeting needs, giving independence and freedom from violence and abuse.

Creating lasting change also shifts the focus onto those perpetrating or colluding with male violence against women. We eliminate barriers to accessing rights and remove or reduce entitlements, improve agency and employer responses and support communities by educating them in the active role they can play in preventing violence and abuse.

We create lasting change for children and young people by specifically addressing adverse childhood experiences and their devastating immediate and long term impacts. By providing children and young people with their own independent advocate who understands the trauma, confusion, fear and anxiety they experience, the specialist advocates for them and ensures that children and young people’s voices are heard and taken into account.

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