Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles


Cardiff Women’s Aid takes an intersectional feminist approach in all of our work. This includes:


Ensuring the safety, freedom and equality of women and their children
Considering the relationships between gender and power in all of our work
Work collaboratively to identify and transform systems of power and privilege that oppress and marginalise
Recognising the diversity of individuals, communities and identities and centering the diversity in our work
Reflect on and address our own relationships to power and privilege, and embed inclusivity and accessibility across all of our work


Evidence, practice, expertise & lived experience

We recognise the importance of evidence based interventions, but also, we recognise the importance of ensuring different kinds of evidence and knowledge to inform our work. Our work is informed not only by traditional research and data, but by the experience of the professionals who work in this field, and lived experiences of gender, discrimination, harassment, oppression and violence

Partnerships & collaboration

Working collaboratively means connecting or partnering with individuals, organisations and networks to achieve our vision and establish a coordinated community response. Ending violence against women requires large-scale, long-term effort and we recognise that we are but one agency that has a role in working to achieve mass change. Our partnerships ultimately aim to benefit the women and children whose lives we aim to positively impact

Our partnerships remain diverse, and we aim to reach out to groups which represent those that are underrepresented in both our service and sector