How We Work

How We Work

From the moment a woman is in contact with us, our trained specialist workers will help her find the pathway of support that suits her, from safety planning, to group work, to individual counselling. We aim to provide a service that wraps around the whole person, so that women and children are supported from the beginning of their journey to a point of healing and recovery. Find out more about our service delivery [link to RISE article].

All our services are needs-led, strengths-based, trauma-informed and risk-assessed.

While the services we provide are strongly risk-assessed, we base our work on client need, not simply risk. To support women and children so they can move from surviving to thriving, we help them to understand their experiences in a trauma-informed way, while focusing on their strengths and values, as opposed to a deficit model. Instead of asking, “what’s wrong with you?”, we think about “what’s happened to you?”

We work hard to make sure all our services are accessible and that is why each of them has a unique identity, designed to communicate clearly what the service is and what it offers. These services include RISE, our main service delivery arm, the Women’s Centre for aftercare and recovery, SafeAS (link to article) for our children and young people, and our upcoming Girls’ Centre for Excellence (link to article).

Our approach is innovative and flexible, with a wide range of options available to women and children to work through their experiences in ways that make sense for them, and varied entry points along our adaptive pathway.

We also target the advertising and promotion of the services in ways that will reach the women, children and young people who we are here to help. We deliver our communications over various media and in accessible community spaces, working with community members, organisations and partners to spread our message.

If you need support visit RISE, or call us now, on 029 2046 0566.