Survivor Network

Women Supporting Women

There is no greater power than that of women supporting women. In a world which systematically disadvantages women and girls, creating women’s networks, and particularly networks of survivors, gives us space to bring each other hope and community. Spending time with a supportive group of women who know and understand what you have been through helps women to rediscover (or perhaps find for the first time) confidence, self-efficacy, independence, resilience.

Survivor Support Networks

As volunteers, peer mentors or role models, survivors themselves can be the most effective light at the end of the tunnel for those still experiencing trauma and abuse. And the relationship is not one-directional: those survivors who give back in this way tell us it is rewarding, healing, and supports their own recovery.

Our Survivor Support Network encompasses face-to-face workshops, social events, online activities, a forum, an app and much more. Find out more at The Women’s Centre.

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Our app is available on both iOS and Android. Simply search "Cardiff Women's Centre". We can't wait to connect with you!